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The one-day intensive Fundraising and Time management Seminar

Date – Wednesday the 22nd of Cheshvan (November 31st)

Location – Shluchims office

Time – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


See what Shluchim say about it.

Dear Rabbi Brod,

Thank you for a wonderful seminar. The only thing I can say is I wish I would have taken this seminar 11 years ago when I moved out.

Yossi Eber


Hi Rabbi Brod,

Thank you very much for a very informative and empowering seminar. I feel I have the steps A-Z to start working towards covering my budget.

Thank you!

Shmully Levitin




Hi Rabbi Brod

Thank you for your seminar was very informative and comprehensive. I hope it will be a springboard for my fundraising success.

Thank you

Avrohom Rotban


Dear Rabbi Brod,

Thank you so much for your presentation on Fundraising.

I was amazed how well it was structured, logical, and practical. A concrete detailed plan for before, after, and during. Never had that before!

Most of all, it was inspirational. I never felt so confident and ready to fundraise. I hope this

“High” lasts a long time and keeps the motivation going!

Thank you

Rabbi Majeski

Machon Chana



Dear Rabbi Brod,

Please accept this note as an expression of thanks for your fundraising/time management seminar which made a very powerful impact on me.

I attended your seminar about twenty years ago in Teaneck, and have followed your unit system for many years.

But I was in need of some fresh motivation, which your seminar definitely provided.

Rabbi Yekusiel Alperowitz

Chabad Lubavitch of Cape Cod



Hi Rabbi Brod,

I just returned yesterday afternoon from the Kinus, and I wanted to thank you for your fundraising seminar on Wednesday. As a new and fresh Shliach (here for just over a year) the reality of having to fundraise is daunting and overwhelming. But your workshop gave me the tools to fundraise professionally and confidently. I have additionally seen how some of my outlooks and practices in fundraising until now were unhealthy and counter-productive, and I am happy that I can fix it early on.

Rabbi Levi Dubov

Director, Chabad Jewish Center of Bloomfield Hills



Dear R’ Yisroel שי’

Thank you very much for your fundraising seminar.

I have taken your seminars twice – once some 20+ years ago, and again in the last week. I commend you on your professionalism in these seminars.

Your presentations are far from the emotionally-driven pep-talks people often expect from professional presenters – which are likely to motivate more in the immediate short-term. Instead, you developed a detailed, structured, step-by-step, methodical process that gives the Shliach a mechanism he can employ in every step and phase of Fundraising, both for regular and campaign funding. If ‘the devil is in the details’, then all Shluchim would do well using your services to get their fundraising right, and/or on a stronger footing and level than they could do on their own.

Hearing you again now after many years, another thing came through: that having worked on perfecting the ART of Chabad/Shlichus fundraising for four decades, you developed solid, thorough strategies for the widest set of varied circumstances, and are now well-prepared to tackle any of a wide set of unusual eventualities a Shliach may encounter in their path. If I could listen to your advice for a week or month straight, I’d do so!

It is my belief, that if/when any Shliach is looking to raise their fundraising profile up a few notches, they would be wise – and financially sensible – to hire you for your tried-and-true consulting and coaching advice.

Rabbi Yossi Engel

Adelaide, Australia



Dear Rabbi Brod sheyichye,

Participating in the seminar allowed me to gain a clearer understanding and deeper appreciation of fundraising/time management, in addition to the practical tools necessary to accomplish it.

Your continued sharing the words of the Rebbe, our mshaleiach and boss, addressing these issues etc. helped better shape the connection.

While I haven’t gotten to putting the learned material into full action for fundraising it has already started guiding my steps every day.

In closing thank you for helping myself and fellow Shluchim in successfully accomplishing a most daunting part of our Shlichus.

Rabbi Levi Brashevitzky

Chabad of Tidewater



Dear Yisroel

I really enjoyed the time spent with you today, as I’m sure the other participants did too.

The notion of fund-raising being a core aspect of Shlichus and not merely a necessary evil was very powerful, as was the idea of making the donor a partner in your endeavor as opposed to merely getting a donation from him.

Of course, the last hour when you elaborated upon the preparation for the meeting, how to handle the meeting itself, and the follow up after the meeting was brilliant.

The emphasis on prioritization, and how to set it up, was a wonderful and unexpected bonus.

Wishing you continued hatzlocho in your avodas hakodesh.

Kol Tuv and warm regards

Rabbi Benzion Milecki

South Head Synagogue



Rabbi Brod

“Before coming to your full day seminar, I was missing the glue that would hold together all of the important pieces of fundraising. I had all these ideas floating around, but no clear plan or framework through which to move forward. You taught me that fundraising is a long-term project and that with the big picture, steps to achieving any goal are easily implementable. Before, I couldn’t clearly see how my outcomes would be reachable. Now I see it. I left your seminar feeling empowered, and was able to take action immediately. Thank you for the inspiration and the useful application of your methods.”

Tuvia Helfen


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