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    by: Name withheld upon the request of this new Schlaich.

    Dear Rabbi Brod, I just finished watching the last session last night, which - as the rest of the sessions - was very well presented. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing course. It got me thinking a lot, and IY"H I hope it'll be a big help in the way I do things - for the future bez"H. As a new shliach - having just moved here a few months ago, the ideas and practical solutions presented, helped bring much more clarity to this "scary" thought of having to fundraise, and not knowing how to do it effectively etc. But most importantly, it sort of shifted my mindset to taking a more proactive approach, as well as giving me practical tools of how to implement it. Not to mention the amazing seder of the way things were presented. Yasher koach godol!

    by: THE JEWISH DISCOVERY CENTER, Your neighborhood "Center for Jewish Life" in the North

    Thank you so much for today's beautiful presentation. I took your full seminar when I first went on Shlichus over 20 years ago and have used the ideas throughout. Always good to review.

    by: Rabbi Levi Gurevitch, Chabad of Southlake (Arlington)

    First of all thank you so much for this. I feel I am really gaining a tremendous amount and only wish I had done this much earlier in my shlichus...

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