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    by: Rabbi Yisroel Deren, Connecticut

    I have worked with Rabbi Brod on many projects capital as well as ongoing. He worked not only with me but with my staff as well, the results were always worthwhile and exceeded our expectations. He understands the needs and operations of Chabad institutions, he interacts well with lay leadership and is a valuable resource in planning and executing fundraising campaigns. Rabbi Brod is an asset to any organization I recommend him unreservedly.

    Thank you for your kind words

    by: Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor, Thailand

    The tremendous impact Rabbi Brod has had on my work is truly transformational. It is now more than fifteen years since I adopted Rabbi Brod’s techniques in fundraising and the results have been very successful Baruch Hashem. When we launched our building campaigns we called upon Rabbi Brod for his counsel and once again his input was invaluable.

    Thank you May you continue to succeed in your annual and capital campaigns

    by: Rabbi Danny Cohen, Chevron, Israel

    In my non-objective opinion (I have merited to be close to Yisroel Brod in the past 15 years), I think that working with Yisroel is beneficial to every shaliach, even if he's not going to implement every part of his program, but the fact that he is able to provide the tools to structure the fund-raising and time management of Shlichus, is for me a tremendous help. I think that nobody walks away from his seminar or personal instruction feeling that he didn't get his time and money worth. I personally know Shluchim that claim that Yisroel saved their Shlichus.

    Thank you so much for your kind words
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