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It’s all about a System, a No-Fail System

‘Fundraising’ is a generic term that defines a job which contains and is comprised of many aspects and skills: strategic planning, psychology, salesmanship, accounting, and more, with positive, active involvement in community work being of utmost importance.

Rabbi Yisroel Brod, of Kfar Chabad, Israel, is a master fundraiser, fundraising coach and consultant. 40 years of experience working in the field and learning and understanding in-depth the secrets of the profession have led Rabbi Brod to develop a unique fundraising system, one which resonates with Shluchim in the many states and countries he has visited worldwide.

Rabbi Brod’s system creates maximum effectiveness because, in addition to long-term stability and success (planning), it can also be implemented and activated immediately, after only a two or three-day consultation process.

Rabbi Brod’s unique system focuses more on one-on-one meetings with potential donors and supporters, and less on large dinners and showcase productions. For the most part, these intimate sessions produce the greatest return on investment, based on time and effort spent. Above all, the emphasis is on creating a personal relationship, and emphasizes the interaction between the Shliach and the donor.

In Rabbi Brod’s system, the Shliach does not seek a donation, rather it deals with assembling and creating an infrastructure upon which a donor will be built, leading to long-term donations. The result is that each year, when the Shliach turns to the donor, the question will not be whether to donate, but rather how much this year’s increase will be compared to last year’s contribution.

The system is based on the concept of דרך ארוכה וקצרה, which is the ultimate way to do things. Unfortunately, too many Shluchim are continuously looking for a quick fix which becomes a דרך קצרה וארוכה – “I don’t have time to build a fence, I’m busy chasing cows.”

Creating a firm/stable Annual Campaign, especially when done over a period of years, enables the Shliach to go the next level. A solid Annual Campaign allows for the creation of a Capital Campaign with a lot more success, together with the ability to keep the Annual Campaign strong, even during the launch of a new Capital Campaign.


In 1977, Rabbi Yisroel Brod and his wife Fradie left on the Rebbe’s mission to open the first Chabad House in the State of New Jersey, under the auspices of the Head Shliach, Rabbi Moshe Herson. Rabbi and Mrs. Brod successfully ran this Chabad House until 1988.

In 1991, Rabbi Brod was appointed director of the Chabad Houses Division of Tzeirei Agudas Chabad in Israel. In the course of 18 years serving in this capacity, Rabbi Brod opened many Chabad houses throughout Israel, and created a conceptual transformation in the status of the Shliach in the areas of economic conduct, fundraising, and financial planning and accountability.

Since then, Rabbi Brod has embarked on an independent journey, in the framework of Agudas Chassidei Chabad in the Holy Land, where he has translated his own life’s lessons and extensive experience into full time consulting, coaching and mentoring Shluchim with their organizations and Chabad houses throughout the world.

Rabbi Yisroel Brod (Third form left – bottom row -) at the first Kinus Hashluchim 5744