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“Over the past 5 years, we have been fortunate and blessed to work with Rabbi Yisroel Brod who has been assisting us on almost every aspect of our Chabad House.

The areas in which we have benefited most from his services have been his expertise in structuring our operational budget and helping us create a strategic plan for our multi-million-dollar capital campaign.

Rabbi Brod’s insights and experience goes way beyond financial matters. He provides expert guidance on the roles and responsibilities of the Shliach and Shlucha. Examples include, creating and executing plans for our organization, identifying critical issues, setting common goals, establishing a vision for our future. His recommendations have benefited us greatly by creating a professional and successful working environment.

In addition to learning from his decades of experience with other Chabad houses worldwide, which is in and of itself invaluable, Reb Yisroel has become dear friend and personal coach.

Rabbi Brod is kind, smart, real, caring, fun and unique. He rejoices in our success, celebrates our accomplishments and supports us through our struggles.

By far utilizing Rabbi Brod is one of the greatest investments that Chana Devora and I have made and we look forward to working together with him for many years to come…”


Mendy Solomon

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