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    by: Sholom Reindorp

    Good morning Rabbi Brod, Thank you very much for your session on Wednesday. Your method of "the ask" was a real eye opener for me, and I am looking forward to putting it into action. With much appreciation.

    by: Avrohom Steinmetz, Brazil

    Rabbi Brod, your seminar is unbelievable. I thought that there is a secret to fundraising the you just have to train. The first class seem like ye of course no big deal, I got the light, i came out of the fog. But as we went from the 2nd 3rd and 4th class I realized, That it is more than I could remember, and more complex then I imagined. As such I see that I need to lean and relearn till it become a habit Thanks a million! Thanks for your clarity, stories, and sharing your personal experiences with us. Kol Tuv!

    by: Nissan Kornfeld, Chabad Mercer Island, WA

    Hi R' Yisroel, Every Shliach has heard of the "Brod Budget." Your presentation brings sit to life, you give it a soul. Thank you for that! Best,

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