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    by: Rabbi Yochonon Goldman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Thank you for your recent assistance with creating our budget presentation. Your sense of clarity for our collective mission, coupled with your experience working with other Shluchim proved to be an invaluable resource for us. It was well worth investing the time necessary to analyze the numbers properly, in order for us to have a comprehensive picture of our budgetary needs, both for ourselves as well as to share with our board members and other stakeholders.

    Thank you for sharing with me your feelings.

    by: Rabbi Alter Korf, S. Petersburg Florida

    Rabbi Brod has helped us create a realistic fundraising plan that was tailored to our community needs, and coached us along the way as was needed for further help. He helped us approach our programs and fundraising strategically, thus bringing greater order and success to our Chabad Center. We are very happy that we choose to work with him, it made a BIG difference to our Mosad!

    Indeed, it was and is a pleasure to be able to continue working with you. Hatzlocho Rabo

    by: Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, Livingston, New Jersey

    Rabbi Brod was instrumental in helping us create our core fundraising infrastructure and systems. What Rabbi Brod put in place over a number of years, continues to help us to this very day. I highly recommend that any new Shliach or a Shliach that is looking to take their fundraising to the next level bring out Rabbi Brod to help establish proper systems.

    Thank you for what you wrote You should finish your Capital Campaign with flying colors
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