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    by: Rabbi Shlame Landa, Fairfield Connecticut

    Rabbi Yisroel Brod brings passion, professionalism and determination to the table. His experience and sound advice was integral to helping me develop a strategic vision and plan of action for our Capital Campaign.

    B"H you were able to complete phase one of your Campaign. Hatzlocho Rabo.

    by: Rabbi Velvel Belinsky, Baltimore Maryland

    Rabbi Brod helped us with getting our Capital Campaign off the ground. He outlined a practical path for us to reach our goal, created a step by step plan and helped with the presentation of our plans. we are very thankful to him!

    Thank you. You should succeed with your Campaign

    by: Levi K. N.Y.

    I had a great experience with Rabbi Brod, I feel that he provides a service that very many Shluchim could use. His vast knowledge and experience is an asset for Shluchim, for fundraising, organization and many other aspects of Shlichus. One of the biggest points he tries to teach Shluchim is how to become a professional, and not be a Shnorer, I felt that after spending time with him, he helps you start to think like a professional, and that effects all aspects of the Shlichus automatically. Another thing he helped me with was with maximizing the donors. Often times it's easy to get caught up, and not see the real potential of a specific donor. Rabbi Brod helps you see the bigger picture, and with that gives you the insight and ability to ask the donor to really do his best. I have seen this first hand, and it has helped me raise many thousands more than I would have previously. As a young Shliach, I strongly recommend other young Shluchim that are responsible for a budget and or a moisad, to consider working with Rabbi Brod.

    It was truly a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for all you have written
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