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    by: Rabbi Levi Fogelman, Natick Massachusetts

    I am very grateful for being a beneficiary of Rabbi Brod’s professional guidance with his comprehensive and well-balanced approach to Fundraising. It is both organized and steady and yet leaves room the extra growth opportunities that present themselves from time to time. Without a clear Annual plan your attention can easily be diverted and sidetracked. On the other hand with a clear direction of where you need to be this year and next, you can remain focused and on track. The warm personal care and attention to donors, the building up of their trust to the Shliach and his Mosad, the growing of a larger and increased donor base, is founded on a steady systematic, focused and organized system. Besides the Annual Campaign, he was very instrumental in guiding us for a very successful Capital Campaign for our Building Renovation!

    Thank you so much for your kind words

    by: Rabbi Zalman Bluming, North Carolina

    It was truly a pleasure and honor to have Reb Yisroel as my co-pilot as we embarked on our building campaign. His compassionate patience and availability coupled with extensive experience was invaluable

    An happy to have been your co-pilot and wish you lots of Hatzlocho

    by: Rabbi Chaim Danzinger, Rostov

    Rabbi Brod has helped me make a much-needed presentation and fundraising plan from scratch, in a way that bal habatim can relate to, and appreciate. Several donors have commented that they are extremely impressed by the professionalism and detailed budget, and this helped gain their trust in our organization. HE has been a tremendous help afterwards, advising on how to deal with specific situations that have come up.

    Thank you and keep it up.