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Chabad House, Irvine CA

Campaign Gallery

Rabbi Alter Tenenbaum Irvine CA:

“When it was obvious that we needed to have a permanent facility for our Chabad, there was great excitement in the community.

However, I was very nervous about this monumental task.

Who, what, when and where do I begin.

At that time, I had Yisroel Brod come to Irvine for fundraising Strategy for my regular Annual budget.

Toward the end of the day, I asked him about a Capital Campaign.

He gave me very specific and practical methods, To make a list of B”B with high, low and realistic expectation. How to present the plan to B”B etc.

The methods he showed me gave me the confidence to overcome some of my insecurities.

B”H, with the Rebbes brochos we built a building and 13 years later we are ready to expand our building.

I highly recommend Yisroel Brod for your fundraising projects”

Alter Tenenbaum

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