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    by: Rabbi Levi Neubert, Fairlawn New Jersey

    Rabbi Brod has extraordinary Shlichus skills. He has the ability to connect deeply with others while remaining objective. He has a passion for sharing his vast knowledge of fundraising and Shlichus management. He focuses and helps others to focus on what matters most in Shlichus. Rabbi Brod brings unforgettable insights, clarity and excitement to every encounter.

    Thank you for your kind words

    by: Rabbi Berel Levertov, Santa Fe New Mexico

    "Rabbi Brod was of tremendous assistance to us when we were starting out on our Shlichus, he gave us the perspective, the vision and the encouragement to go out and fundraise with a system. It was an incredible push we needed in a critical time. "Rabbi Brod also helped us restart our capital campaign to build a beautiful Jewish Center. At a time when we were 'stuck' with regards to vision and fundraising, he stepped in and helped us get the ball rolling again. "I feel that his understanding of our Shlichus and the fundraising world makes it imperative for every Shliach to engage him at least once during the life of their Shlichus!! Why wait for a crisis?!

    Happy to have been there for you. Hatzlocho Rabo

    by: Rabbi Dovid Goldstein, West Huston Texas

    Rabbi Brod has been an incredible resource for our moisads building campaign. From planning to implementation, he has been there 100% of the way. After benefiting from his instructions, he has helped me gain more courage when it comes to making the ask. Rabbi Brod came to my Mokom hashlichus and spent a few days helping me create a plan. He then helped put together an impressive presentation. This helped us reach our goal and B"H we were able to make the purchase 6 months later. I would definitely suggest Rabbi Brod as he has made a big difference in our campaign.

    It was a pleaure working with you. May you have lots of continues success
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